Cup of Nirvana Philosophical and Contemplative Explorations

The Deepest Silence

The Deepest Silence


Lady lover

you closed your eyes

and entered the starless night

in this infinite space we call “here”

where moonlight falls on tranquil streams

and a poet’s voice dissolves the tear

that fell from your half-naked eyes

in which darkness played and danced

like ink against a night sky.


If I could speak to you of the darkness in this hour,

I would let my love be the silence upon the wind.


Lady wonder,

we give our child

yet unborn to the blowing wind

that carries it over the sea and land

in the valleys, on mountain tops

where it falls in the lover’s hand

that gently brushed against your face

where beauty danced with God

like birds against the sky.


If with a kiss I could wake you from your sacred sleep,

My tears would become words flowing from your trembling lips.


Dancing deva,

come dance with me,

on the beach of tomorrow’s dream

covered in tiny grains of you and me

scattered memories of your life

are now sacrificed to the sea

that forcefully pulled you under

where we became the one

like breath against a kiss.


If I could come to you now as a flickering flame

my light would awaken you from your deepest sleep.


Awaken, lady dreamer,

open those transparent eyes

breathe in again your soul

which we have carried in our hearts

while you have conversed with silence.


The silence of our birth.

The silence of our death.

The silence of our now.

The silence of our love.


Michael Sudduth