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Internet Resources for Philosophy of Religion

You have reached the Internet Resources Page for Western Philosophy of Religion. This page includes links to philosophy of religion websites, electronic libraries, and various articles on topics in western philosophy of religion. For eastern philosophy of religion, see Vedanta Resources Page and Gaudiya Vaishnavism Page at

General Resources for Philosophy of Religion

In the television series Closer to Truth, host Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn interviews leading philosophers, theologians, and scientists on the cosmos, consciousness, and God. The series features philosophers of religion such as Alvin Plantinga, Richard Swinburne, Peter van Inwagen, Keith Ward. Michael Tooley, William Lane Craig, and Brian Leftow.


Encyclopedia Entries on Philosophy of Religion

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Charles Taliaferro

Philosophy of Religion, Chad Meister (IEP)

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Index of Topics)

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Institutes, Foundations, and Educational Centers

The Templeton Foundation

The Gifford Lectures

University of Notre Dame, Center for Philosophy of Religion

Birmingham University, John Hick Centre for Philosophy of Religion

University of Oxford, Philosophy of Religion Podcasts


European Journal for Philosophy of Religion

Faith and Philosophy

Religious Studies

International Journal for Philosophy of Religion

Specialty Websites

Theistic Philosophers on the Web

Prosblogion (Philosophy of Religion Blog in the Analytical Tradition)


The Calvin College Virtual Library of Christian Philosophy contains a large database of works by contemporary Christian philosophers, including Alvin Plantinga, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Steve Wykstra, Kelly James Clark, and Rebecca DeYoung.



Robin Collins’ Fine-Tuning Website

Papers by Alvin Plantinga (Andrew Bailey Site)


The Christian Classics Etheral Library contains a large database of classical works in Christian theology and philosophy, including St. Augustine, St. Anselm, St. Thomas Aquinas, John Milton, John Calvin, John Gill, Jonathan Edwards, and Charles Hodge.



Islamic Philosophy Online

Jewish Philosophy, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Selected Topics in Philosophy of Religion

Religious Epistemology

Religious Epistemology, Kelly Clark (IEP)

The Epistemology of Religion, Peter Forrest (SEP)

Conflicts Between Science and Religion, Bradley Sickler (IEP)

Religion and Science, Alvin Plantinga (SEP)

Religious Language

Religious Language, Jennifer Weed (IEP)

The Concept of God

Western Concept of God, Brian Morley (IEP)

Concepts of God, William Wainwright (SEP)

Open Theism, James Rissler (IEP)

Process Theism, Donald Viney (SEP)

Panentheism, John Culp (SEP)

Pantheism, William Mander (SEP)

Hindu Philosophy, Shyam Ranganathan (IEP)

Atheism and Agnosticism, J.J.C. Smart (SEP)

The Divine Nature and Attributes

Divine Simplicity, Peter Weigel (IEP)

Divine Simplicity, William F. Vallicella (SEP)

Omniscience, Edward Wierenga (SEP)

Omniscience and Divine Foreknowledge, Tully Borland (IEP)

God and Time, Gregory Ganssle (IEP)

Eternity, Paul Helm (SEP)

Omnipotence, Kenneth Pearce (IEP)

Omnipotence, Joshua Hoffman (SEP)

Divine Immutability, Brian Leftow (SEP)

Religious Experience

Religious Experience, Mark Webb (SEP)

Phenomenology of Religion, Mark Wynn (SEP)

Mysticism, Jerome Gellman (SEP)

Mysticism and Philosophy, Walter Stace [Book]

William James, Russell Goodman (SEP)

Varieties of Religious Experience, William James [Book]

Arguments for God’s Existence

Natural Theology, James Brent (IEP)

Cosmological Argument, Bruce Reichenbach (SEP)

Ontological Argument, Kenneth Himma (IEP)

Ontological Arguments,  Graham Oppy (SEP)

Design Arguments for the Existence of God, Kenneth Himma (IEP)

Teleological Arguments for God’s Existence, Del Ratzsch (SEP)

Pragmatic Arguments for the Existence of God, Jeff Jordan (SEP)

Pascal’s Wager, Alan Hajek (SEP)

Moral Arguments for the Existence of God, Peter Bryne (SEP)

The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil, Michael Tooley (SEP)

Evidential Problem of Evil, Nick Trakakis (IEP)

Logical Problem of Evil, James Beebe (IEP)

Leibniz on the Problem of Evil, Michael Murray (SEP)

Religious Diversity

Religious Pluralism (Diversity), David Basinger (SEP)

John Hick, David Cramer (IEP)

Medieval Philosophical Theology

Medieval Philosophy, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Medieval Philosophy, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Medieval Philosophy, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (MacDonald and Kretzmann)

Medieval Philosophy and Theology (Journal)

Electronic Resources for Medieval Philosophy (Database of Electronic Texts)

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy Course (Video Lectures, Academic Earth)

Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame

Alfred Freddoso’s Webpage (University of Notre Dame)

Neoplatonism, Edward Moore (IEP)

Platonism and Theism, Eddy Carder (IEP)