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As It Is . . . Again

As It Is .  .  . Again


Sri Krishna speaks –

Radha exits his mouth

takes form and then vanishes

into the dark night of the God’s unconscious.

The goddess descends into unknowing,

rises later in the form of an imperfect man.



Close your eyes and the world disappears.  Open your eyes and the world reappears. Having discovered the Self when the world disappears into the darkness of unknowing, see it also as it manifests as the very form and beauty of the world.  

Right there at the heart of all beauty is the blissful union of the knower and the known, the experience of the Is-ness of the world as non-different from oneself. 

One who contemplates the ocean in silence and one who plays in it with laughter are non-different, for resistance is found in neither one and consequently peace is found in both.

There are three things I love about the ocean. Its ability to make me entirely present, its ability to keep me present, and the feeling of awe and reverence its presence evokes. 

Being born is Zen. Drinking is Zen.  Eating is Zen.  Breathing is Zen.  Loving is Zen.  Dying is Zen.  I am that.

The substance of everything unpleasant in life is the very bliss we wish we had instead. 

I shall not die unfulfilled if I die having failed to solve the riddles of life. I shall die unfulfilled, however, if I die without love in my heart. 

Only one thing prevents us from experiencing God . . . the failure to realize what we love most in life.

One hour in Zazen

the world slows down.

Two hours in Zazen

the world just stops. 

Three hours in Zazen

the world disappears. 

Four hours in Zazen

I disappear. 

All conventional means of addressing suffering fail because they are motivated by the intention to eliminate suffering.  At best they only temporarily alleviate suffering, while subtly perpetuating it, often intensifying it. Suffering is fueled by our determined efforts to extinguish it. It too wishes to live in us.  So lend your attention to its voice and seek only to hear and understand it. You will then want to ask, “Suffering, where have you gone?”

It is possible to analyze oneself out of or into any situation with impeccable logic and still fall into the most profound untruth. 

When the spirit of forgiveness is absent in us, the redemptive acts of others are unseen.

Where is my Muse? Precisely the question a Muse would ask. 

Those who Deify love soon became atheists.

Sitting in silence

all the gods flew out of my head

watching I understood

the passing of my seasons

Autumn turned to Winter

Winter dissolved into Silence

only emptiness remained

and then I saw clearly

emptiness was all there ever was.


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