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The Survival Hypothesis – Now Available

The Survival Hypothesis: Essays on Mediumship, ed. Adam J. Rock (McFarland Publishers, 2013) is now available from Amazon.  Some of the book content is available at Google Books.

“Contemporary parapsychology tends to be preoccupied with ESP (telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition) and psychokinesis. In contrast, this cutting-edge anthology assembles an international team of experts from the fields of psychology, parapsychology, philosophy, anthropology and neuroscience to examine critically what is referred to as the survival hypothesis: the tentative statement or prediction that some aspect of our personhood (e.g., consciousness) persists subsequent to the death of the physical body. The appraisal of the survival hypothesis will be restricted to the phenomenon of mediumship; that is, humans who ostensibly communicate with the deceased. The book has been divided into four main sections: Explanation and Belief; Culture, Psychopathology and Psychotherapy; Empirical Approaches, and The Present and Future. The issue of postmortem survival is supremely relevant to us all because in our consensual space-time reality the human encounter with death is, of course, a certainty.” – Book Description (from Publisher)

This newly published collection of essays on mediumship features my article “Is Postmortem Survival the Best Explanation of the Data of Mediumship?”  It also opens with philosopher Stephen Braude’s essay “The Possibility of Mediumship: Philosophical Considerations.”

Adam Rock put together a good collection of essays. The book provides a well-rounded assessment of the nature of mediumship and its implications for the hypothesis of postmortem survival.


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